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• cross-media art • film • av performance • motion graphics •

• spatial sound design • field recording • music composition•interactive sound art installation •

Still Moving: Part 1 (2018)

Still Moving: Part 2 (2019)

Film & soundtrack. Composed of footage and field recordings at Glasgow Botanical Gardens.
Glasgow School of Art, 2018.

Clyde Built: Rise and Fall.
A soundfilm using footage and field recordings the derelict Govan Graving Docks on the River Clyde, Glasgow. Musical elements performed by Adam Sloan and Russell Dilnot.
Glasgow School of Art, 2018

Afloat Inland: Ice Waves.
Artist in Residence at Skammdegi Festival 2016. Projected visuals shot on the northern coast of Iceland for Alfloat Inland project, performed at Victoria Gallery & Museum for Liverpool LightNight 2016.
Location sound recording: Adam Sloan. Music: Adam Sloan & Laura Campbell

From Fallen Light (Friend Or Foe, 2016).
Excerpt of music and film created during three month residency on the northern coast of Iceland. Part of a series of immersive AV performances and interactive film installations by Friend Or Foe:

What I Leave Behind I Bring With Me: Skammdegi Preview Show , Salur Myndlistarfélagsins, Akureyri, Iceland.

What I Leave Behind I Bring With Me: Skammdegi Opening Show, outside Listhús Gallery, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland.

Fallen Light: Waves and Velocities, Tjarnabourg Culture House, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland.

Fallen Light: Mount Tindaöxl Ski Lodge, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland.

Afloat Inland: Liverpool Light Night, Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool, UK.

Fallen Light: Also Festival 2016, Warwickshire, UK.

From Fallen Light: From The North, Watt Space Gallery, University Of Newcastle, Australia.

Silvermist (2015).
Field recordings, music & film: A Sloan, 2015

Immersion 2010
Direction: Robyn Woolston
Music: Adam Sloan, Laura Campbell & Russ Dilnot.

Art-house film drama about the erosion of indigenous language in the face of a dominant super-culture.

Legion (after Richardson) 2013
Sound Design: Adam Sloan
Direction: Robyn Woolston

In response to Grundy Art Gallery's exhibition Kelly Richardson: Legion
The film features drawings by pupils and staff at Mereside Primary School, Holy Family Primary School, St. Kentigerns Primary School & Montgomery High School

Out Of Here 2015
Music: Legends Of Flight
Visuals: Adam Sloan & Scott Spencer

A selection of animated clips taken from AV performance project, using composite, stop motion and timelapse techniques.

Commissioned by Mercy/Liverpool Biennial for Wave If You're Really There series of performance events at St Bride's Chrurch, Liverpool 2008 - 2010.

Direction: Adam Sloan & Daniel Turner

Selected composite excerpts from video mapping AV performance. Commissioned by Mercy for Wave If You're Really There at St Leonard's Chrurch Shoreditch, London 2009.

Direction: Adam Sloan & Daniel Turner

Early video showreel includes excerpts of work taken from the following projects and events:

Din Collective Live NYC, Galapagos & Tonic New York 2004 - 2005. [A. Sloan & D. Turner]
Hive Festival, FACT Liverpool 2006. [A. Sloan & D. Turner]
Beneath The Below, Arena Gallery, Liverpool Biennial 2006. [A. Sloan & L. Jakeman]
The Horror Series, Museum Man & Static Gallery, Liverpool 2006. [P. Tarpey, A. Sloan, T. Seibold]
Quiet Little Englishman, Park Palace Theatre, Liverpool 2008. [S. Black & A. Sloan]

Early video showreel 2003 - 2009. Includes excerpts of work taken from the following projects and events:

Din Collective Sonar Gathering, Barcelona 2003 - 2006.
Din Collective Live, Storage Berlin, 2007.
Lost Soul, Liverpool 2004 - 2006.
Wave Machines, European Tour 2008 & Glastonbury Festival 2009.

Direction: Adam Sloan & Daniel Turner.