Ladywood Primary School, Bolton.
In collaboration with FACT and Curious Minds

A series of participatory workshops and immersive performances with primary aged pupils with complex learning difficulties, designed to foster learning and explore opportunities for wider pupil engagement.

Throughout the week, children participated in workshops activities to explore animation techniques and create sound effects for an animation inspired by Rainbow Fish, a story by Marcus Pfister, which the school uses regularly to teach pupils the importance of sharing. Sounds were recorded using a variety of sensory materials, vocal techniques and musical instruments. 

Our week long residency led to four immersive performances for pupils and staff, incorporating interactive animation, storytelling and live music performance, interspersed with the audio effects and animated characters created by participants during the workshops. While the performance took place, audience members lay down on the floor to watch the projections on the ceiling, aiming to change their usual perspective of the room, and to promote a relaxing environment free from familiar distractions.