what i leave behind i bring with me

INTERACTIVE film INSTALLATION for skammdegi arts festival 2015-16

at Salur Myndlistarfélagsins artspace, Akureyri, iceland. 16th - 23rd january 2016

and LISTHÚS ARTSPACE: exterior LOCATION, OLAFSFJÖRÐUR, iceland. 28th januARY 2016


Friend or Foe were Artists in Residence for three months in Ólafsfjörður, a remote town on the northern coast of Iceland for Skammdegi Winter Arts Festival 2016, to develop a series of experimental immersive audio-visual live performances and interactive installations at a number of indoor and outdoor locations, reflecting the environmental changes inflicted upon the vast, untamed, open landscape, the local wildlife and isolated community during the long winter; the fluctuating light and colours due to short days, the movement of clouds and birds, the visibility of astronomical and lunar activity during the long, dark nights and the affects of winter darkness on people their moods, sleep patterns and dreams. 

‘What I Leave Behind I Bring With Me’ is an interactive installation incorporating film shot around the local area, binaural environmental sound recordings, and subtle musical themes inspired by the environment, local customs, history and stories.

Custom electronics and found objects were used to create an interface allowing audience participants to reconstruct layers of time and duration, shifting patterns and focus of visual and audio elements, while generative graphics fracture and shatter the image, emulating the flowing motion of the wind, moving in reaction to sound and colour.