commissioned by open culture for LIVERPOOL LIGHTNIGHT 2016

at the leggate theatre, vicToria gallery & museum, liverpool uk. 13th may 2016

Afloat, Inland was an immersive installation-performance, incorporating generative interactive graphics controlled by live musical performance and binaural environmental sound recordings.

Transforming the VG&M’s historic Leggate Theatre into a multi-channel film and sound environment, the audience lounged on bean bags in the semi-circular central space, surrounded by a huge 30 metre cinerama-style screen suspended from the upper gallery. Musicians performed from behind the audience, allowing them to share the audience's view of the projections and follow visual cues.

This was the final part in the series of Dark Winter projects, further exploring the memories, myths and dreams connected with people and places we encountered during our three-month residency on the north coast of Iceland.