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Harl (2018)

Created for Dublin Digital Radio show for International women’s day 2018. The track was created by capturing and using only the audio from a range of voices and sounds recorded in 3 different internal spaces in Glasgow and Liverpool.

The Uninvited Guest - 2018

Stereo mix of a multi-channel installation work using ambisonics and object-based audio processing. Exhibited 2018 Glasgow School Of Art.

Inversion - 2018

Inversion explores a post-Brexit Liverpool, polluted and desolate with the gateway closed and a cultural collective experience gone.

Fireworks For The Dead - 2018

Documentary sound - Glasgow School Of Art 2018 - Laura Campbell, Devon Yagian Boutelle, Michael Davitt

Beyond The Bats - 2018

The act of sustained, deep listening in a familiar place whilst recording enabled me to connect to an area in a completely new way. Through the course of daily listening and recording walks in Arnside, Lancashire, I became more immersed in my sound environment. When listening back to the recordings I had captured, I heard chance encounters, mistakes, familiar voices, a mixture of dialects, tentative vocalisations, environmental sounds within the context of a familiar place, they resonated with my memories of the area making me feel both nostalgic and emotional. My sound film became an unexpected sonic exploration of my emotional attachment to place connected to childhood memory and family.

Music by Laura Campbell & Adam Sloan. Excerpt from work created during three month residency on the northern coast of Iceland. Part of a series of immersive AV performances and interactive film installations by Friend Or Foe: What I Leave Behind I Bring With Me: Skammdegi Preview Show , Salur Myndlistarfélagsins, Akureyri, Iceland. What I Leave Behind I Bring With Me: Skammdegi Opening Show, outside Listhús Gallery, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. Fallen Light: Waves and Velocities, Tjarnabourg Culture House, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. Fallen Light: Mount Tindaöxl Ski Lodge, Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. Afloat Inland: Liverpool Light Night, Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool, UK. Fallen Light: Also Festival 2016, Warwickshire, UK. From Fallen Light: From The North, Watt Space Gallery, University Of Newcastle, Australia.

"Out Of Here" by Legends Of Flight. Music written by Laura Campbell, Russell Dilnot & Adam Sloan.
Taken from the album Mountain West, available on iTunes & Amazon.

"Wait" excerpt taken from Lost Minutes, performed at Unity Theatre Liverpool.
Music by Laura Campbell & Adam Sloan. Visuals by Daniel Turner & Adam Sloan.

Mulu - "Pussycat", music by Laura Campbell + Alan Edmunds. From the Album "Smiles like a Shark".
Video by Rankin

Mulu - Desire. Music by Laura Campbell + Alan Edmunds. From the album "Smiles like a Shark".
Video by Andy Eastwood.